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  Curtis played for the Atlanta Braves back in 1998 and helped them go to the National League Playoffs  


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Together With Pride Foundation, Inc.  I am very excited about establishing this foundation to benefit hearing impaired children in two different regions (South Florida and the MD, VA & Washington, D.C. Metro area) with the goal of expanding nationally in the future.

I feel that it is important for hearing impaired children to have strong role models to look up to -- especially hearing impaired role models.  I never had a hearing impaired role model when I was younger. My parents were my role models because they taught me to believe in myself that anything was possible. They also taught me that whatever I dreamed of doing; I could accomplish. Growing up, I had a strong supporting cast from my family, friends, classmates, teachers, coaches and even some strangers on the street. This is why my wife, Lisa, and I established the Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. We hope to provide support for hearing impaired children & their families. We would like to teach hearing impaired children how to set and achieve their goals while encouraging these children to believe in themselves. Anything is possible! We also wish to establish educational programs that will enable children to arrive at their educational and career goals.

I would like to give special thanks to these following people for their time and help with the establishment of this Foundation: my wife, Lisa (Vice President of the Foundation), for her tireless help and support; John Hough (Duane, Morris, & Heckscher LLP) for his legal advice & for filing the necessary paperwork making this Foundation official; Rick Barsky (American Express CPA) and Scott Shulman (Ferris, Baker & Watts Investments) for their tax services & help in setting up the Foundation’s account; Mike Aldana (AOL producer) for his help in creating the Foundation website; Roly Rodriguez (Graphic Artist & Friend) for his help in designing the Foundation logo; and Joe Strasser (Director of Corporate Relations of the Foundation) for his advice & input.

So let’s get Together With Pride and make an impact on these hearing impaired children’s lives. They deserve your help and encouragement in reaching their goals and dreams. Thank you for your continued support and interest.

Best Wishes,
Curtis Pride

Together With Pride Foundation, Inc.

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