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  Curtis played for the Altanta Braves back in 1998 and helped them go to the National League Playoffs  


  Lisa is a television sports reporter and producer in West Palm Beach, FL. She has traveled all over the world during her career...sometimes because that's where Curtis is playing ball! In 2000, Lisa traveled on her own to Sydney, Australia

to work for NBC Sports at the Summer Olympics. Lisa has also worked the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, a Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup Finals, College Bowl games (including a National Championship game), and many other exciting sporting events. Her favorite interview to date; however, took place in 1994 when she did a story on a young hearing impaired boy who was meeting his hero for the first time. Who was that hero? It was none other than Lisa's husband, Curtis Pride!

Meeting Curtis was Lisa's first introduction to the hearing impaired world. She was amazed by Curtis and his ability to read her lips with ease. Lisa was overwhelmed by Curtis' confidence and courage. Here was a man that didn't bother to let his hearing loss get in the way of achieving his dreams - a college diploma and making the Major Leagues.

Lisa knew immediately that Curtis was a special guy. Even before the two were married in 1998, Lisa and Curtis often spoke of starting a foundation for hearing impaired children. They both wanted to give back to others what they had received themselves growing up...and that's confidence, encouragement, and good mentors.

Lisa was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio. She attended college at the University of Dayton for two years, and then she headed south to intern at Walt Disney World. Thus, finishing her college education at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, where she received her diploma (Bachelor of Arts - Communications). Lisa played many sports growing up including fastpitch softball (University of Dayton). Since Lisa was a pitcher, you'll have to ask her if she has ever struck out Curtis! Baseball is her favorite sport. The Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians were her favorite teams growing up, but now she roots for whatever team Curtis is playing on. Lisa would like to thank her Mom and Dad, John & Barbara Matejcik, and her brother, Chris, for always believing in her and encouraging her to follow her dreams. It is from this love and support that this foundation, Together With Pride, has been born.



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