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Current & Future Activities of the Together With Pride Foundation, Inc.:


Ashley Coleman, from Lake Worth, Florida, is the 1st recipient of hearing aids given to her from the Together With Pride Foundation hearing aid bank.
Ashley, a 7th grader who is 13 years old (turning 14 on Halloween!), was very excited to get her new hearing aids! The foundation is looking forward to helping many other children received new and furbished aids.
Audiologist Debbie Shadoff assists Ashley fit her new hearing aids ^ (above); Lisa Pride congratulates Ashley on being the first recipient of the Together With Pride Hearing Aid Bank < (left)

The hearing aids were donated by Starkey Laboratories, Inc. to our Foundation. Deaf Service Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. fitted the aids for Ashley. Debbie Shadoff was the audiologist from Deaf Service Center that fitted the aids.

1.   (Post High School) Educational & Technical Scholarships Program
2.   Hearing Aid Donation Program
3.   GOALS Program
4.   Baseball / Life Skills Clinics
5.   REWARDS Program
6.   Literacy Program
7.   Fishing / Self Esteem Clinics
8.   Mentor Program
9.   Foundation Website


1. (Post High School) Educational & Technical Scholarships Program

Scholarship monies will be rewarded to select high school seniors who are planning to study at a University, College, or Technical/Vocational School. This will be an annual Program conducted by the Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. Students will be selected by the Foundation based on the criteria that has been established by the Foundation. Such criteria includes, but is not limited to: academics, community service, and financial need. For some scholarship monies the students will be asked to show proof of their hearing impairment since that money is designated to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Other scholarship money is designated for students who are not necessarily deaf or hard of hearing, but plan on studying to become teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Currently, Palm Beach County (Florida) and Montgomery County (Maryland) are target areas for this scholarship program. The students must live and attend high schools in one of these two areas.

One exception will be the student(s) that receives the scholarship money designated for a graduate of the HeadStart Program. This student does not have to live in either of the two counties listed above.

The Scholarships Program will begin this Spring of 2002. Students of Palm Beach and Montgomery counties will be notified of the available scholarships, and they will be asked to meet a deadline for all the proper paperwork concerning the scholarships. The Foundation will then review all scholarship applications, and the Foundation will choose which students shall be awarded scholarships. May or June 2002 is the target time period when the Foundation will notify the scholarship winners. Thus, here forward, the scholarships will be awarded each spring.

The student(s) awarded the scholarship(s) designated for a HeadStart Program graduate will be decided upon by the HeadStart Program itself. The scholarship(s) will be awarded to the student(s) in the Spring of 2002.

Currently, the Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. plans on awarding $6,000 worth of scholarship monies to select students. The Foundation would like to increase this amount each year, and will also work towards making these scholarships renewable.

The break down for the $6,000 scholarship monies includes:

$1,000 = Educational scholarship to a hearing impaired high school senior (Palm Beach County)

$1,000 = Educational scholarship to a hearing impaired high school senior (Montgomery County)

$1,000 = Educational scholarship to a HeadStart Program graduate

$1,000 = Educational scholarship to a high school senior who plans on becoming a teacher for the deaf & hard of hearing (Palm Beach County)

$1,000 = Educational scholarship to a high school senior who plans on becoming a teacher for the deaf & hard of hearing (Montgomery County)

$1,000 = Technical/Vocational scholarship to a high school senior who is hearing impaired and is planning on attending a Technical/Vocational School post-high school graduation (Palm Beach or Montgomery Counties)

The Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. strongly believes that in awarding these scholarships to the selected students -- this reflects what the Foundation is all about - aiding hearing impaired children and their families while also promoting education. The Foundation believes in helping hearing impaired children reach their dreams - especially their academic ones. By also rewarding those students that are not hearing impaired, but instead plan on becoming teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing; the Foundation is supporting the growth of good teachers for hearing impaired children. As a result, the future may be even brighter for hearing impaired children.

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2. Hearing Aid Donation Program

The Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. has been promised new and refurbished hearing aids from a major hearing aid company. The Foundation will work with the Palm Beach County and Montgomery County School Systems in order to determine the most needy children to receive these aids.

The aids will be distributed annually at designated time periods.

The Foundation and the hearing aid company will determine what types of aids, and also how to coordinate the distribution of the aids to the selected children so that each child is fitted properly with their donated aid.

The Foundation will also consider children outside of the above two counties if suggested by a Foundation Board Member.

The Foundation is also considering a "loaner program" in Palm Beach County. The loaner program would consist of refurbished hearing aids that would be readily available for a child in the school system to borrow an aid. If/when a child's aid breaks, is lost, or is forgotten at home (leaving the child with no hearing aid for the day in school)…the child would be given a "loaner aid" to use until he/she can find, repair, or purchase their own aid. The Foundation would work in conjunction with Palm Beach County Schools and their appointed representative and audiologist to make sure that the loaners are properly distributed and returned.

The Hearing Aid Donation program is an important element of the Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. Hearing aids are integral tools for deaf and hard of hearing students. Quality aids help these students in the classroom, at home, and with their social activities. Hearing impaired students rely on their aids to be their "ears" and to open the door to the world for them. Without aids - a child can become isolated from his/her family and friends and the hearing world. A child's self esteem can suffer. The learning can stop. The Foundation works to improve a child's self esteem and educational level. A quality hearing aid is the 1st step. The Foundation wants to be there to help a child have the opportunity with this 1st step.

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3. GOALS Program

The Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. plans on initiating a program that will promote the idea of "goal setting" to hearing impaired children. This program would include a one-day workshop in a classroom setting where a designated mentor would speak to the children about the importance of setting goals. From there, the teachers, parents, and students would be responsible for continuing the program in school and at home. A workbook would be designed to help keep the students on the path of setting goals with their teachers and parents aiding them.

The program would consist of introducing the students to the concept of setting goals. Students would learn how to make a list of goals; what the process would be in trying to reach these goals; and then the final step would be to make these goals a reality.

The Foundation will be working with school representatives in designing the program for the appropriate grade level. This program relies on the cooperation of the schools and its teachers.

The GOALS Program would begin in the 2003 or 2004 school year. It would be an annual program that has incredible growth possibilities. The plans are to initiate the program with one grade level in mind, and then to expand to additional grade levels from there. It is also a program has potential to spread from two (Palm Beach County & Montgomery County) school systems… to many schools in the U.S.A.

The Foundation promotes the idea of setting goals in order to build a child's self esteem. Each step closer to reaching a goal increases a child's self worth. Not ever goal can be achieved, but that is also an important lesson for children to learn. Hearing impaired children often suffer from low self esteem, so a program like the GOALS Program will be designed to raise a hearing impaired child's confidence. Having a hearing loss doesn't make a child any less important; thus, the Foundation intends to make sure that children realize this and believe it.

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4. Baseball / Life Skills Clinics

The Foundation intends to conduct Baseball / Life Skills clinics to hearing impaired, school-aged children in South Florida and the D.C. / Maryland Metro Areas.

The clinics would begin in 2003. The Foundation would hold one clinic in each Metro area in the Fall/Winter of each year after 2003 with the hopes of expanding the clinics to each Major League Baseball city across the country.
The clinics would be conducted by the Foundation in cooperation with celebrity baseball players and coaches.

Children attending the one-day clinics would be taught baseball skills and life skills - such as goal-setting and the importance of education. The children would be treated with some of their favorite ballplayers helping them with baseball skills while also hearing from these superstars on how to set goals and how to reach their goals - whether it be the Major Leagues or in school. Special awards and certificates will be given out based on effort and skill. Refreshments will be served. Children may also receive photos and autographs from their baseball heroes.

Once expanded to all Major League Baseball cities, the children will have the opportunity to play baseball on a real Major League Field during the clinic.

The Foundation is involved in this project because it helps hearing impaired children have fun with a game they enjoy (baseball) while also helping them learn valuable life lessons such as setting goals. The children will be able to learn from their heroes. This can only lead to an enjoyable experience that will help increase a child's self esteem. Personalized instruction, awards, smiles, autographs, and playing baseball - a life-long memory and maybe a turning point in a child's life.

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5. REWARDS Program

The Foundation is planning on starting different REWARDS Programs that would include rewarding school-aged hearing impaired children in the South Florida and D.C./Maryland Metro areas who have perfect attendance; made the Honor Roll; and / or meet other school-related goals.

Such programs would be conducted in conjunction with the above county's school systems. The Foundation and the schools would decide which grade and/or students would be eligible to participate in this program. Students would then be notified of the program, and what the requirements would be from them throughout the school year in order for them to qualify for a "Reward" from the Foundation.

The "Reward" could consist of a ticket to a Major League Baseball game; refreshments at the game; and meeting a Major League Baseball player.

The Foundation and the schools will work together on all logistics for the Rewards Game.

The Foundation may involve the Major League Baseball clubs help in donating tickets, refreshments, and a ballplayer's time.

This program could begin as early as the Spring of 2002. The program may also include Spring Training games for South Florida students in the Spring of 2003. The Foundation hopes to make the REWARDS Program an annual event.

The purpose of this program is to reward students who best exemplify the Foundation's mission statement of education and goal setting. The students being rewarded through this program have realized the importance of education by attending school every day. These students have also set the goal of either attending school every day or making the honor roll which has in turn enabled the students to achieve their goals -- thus they are rewarded by attending a Major League Baseball game.

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6. Literacy Program

The Together With Pride Foundation, Inc. would like to start a literacy program with the Palm Beach County School System. The literacy level of hearing impaired children is comparably low to other hearing children at the same grade level. No specific plan has been initiated as of yet, but the Foundation recognizes the importance of education and plans on working with the schools in order to increase the reading level of hearing impaired children.

Such suggestions that have been made thus far: an after school tutor session and a volunteer program where a volunteer goes to the child's home and reads to the child or has the child read to the volunteer.

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7. Fishing / Self Esteem Clinics

These clinics are similar to the Baseball Clinics with the stress being on hearing impaired children having fun learning to fish while also increasing their self esteem as they catch a fish or bait a hook for the 1st time.

Celebrity fishermen will aid in helping the children learn to fish. All equipment and refreshments will be donated along with the trophies for the biggest catch and other "prizes".

It will be a one-day event held in the Fall / Winter months beginning in the year 2003 or 2004.

Events will take place in South Florida at a location yet to be designated.

The purpose of this event is to help hearing impaired children learn a skill that they may not have - catching a fish - while also helping them with their self esteem. Fishing is a sport where it helps to be "quiet". Deaf or hard of hearing children have the advantage here. They don't have to worry about missing out on conversations or "listening" for their catches. Fishing is about "feeling" and seeing. The purpose also is for the children to have fun and to go away from this event feeling good about themselves.

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8. Mentor Program

A mentor can make all the difference in a child's life. It's especially important for a hearing impaired child to see someone like them (who can't hear) living a successful adult life. Many hearing impaired children live in families where they are the only ones with the hearing loss. These children are never exposed to an adult who is deaf or has a hearing impairment, and thus the children have no deaf adult role models.

The Foundation intends to start a Mentor Program in South Florida and then expand to the D.C. /Maryland Metro area.

Working with the schools in these areas - the Foundation will decide on which age group to target for this Mentor Program. The Foundation is now considering high school juniors and seniors.

The intent is for the Foundation to match-up a child with a deaf adult in the community who would be a good role model for the child. The child would list their job interests and then the Foundation would match the child with an adult in that specific/similar career. The child would 'shadow" the adult mentor for one day at work. The mentor would participate in this program as a volunteer thus incurring any costs such as transportation and lunch for the child.

The Mentor Program would also include having adult volunteers who are deaf or hard of hearing come into the classroom to speak to the students. The volunteer would answer any questions that the students may have about the mentor's career and/or challenges that he/she faces as a deaf adult in the business world.

The purpose of this program is to allow the students to see 1st hand adults with hearing impairments succeed in the "real world". The children will be able to ask questions directly to a person that is doing a job that the students are interested in for their future. It's one on one real life exposure that is hard to emulate in a text book or in the classroom.

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9. Foundation Website

The Foundation will be starting a website in 2002 in order for more people to learn about the Foundation's mission and activities. The internet allows people to connect like no other medium today. Through a website, the Foundation will be able to help an even greater amount of hearing impaired children and their families.

The Foundation's website will be paid for in part by donations and by the Foundation itself.

The website will update all new Foundation activities and events. The website will also eventually be a resource for accepting charitable donations from all over the world.

Links from the Foundation's website to other websites helpful to those with a hearing loss will also be provided.

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